ALULAM fences

  • Aluminium: perfect for fencing. All-aluminium fencing
  • Attractive, instant and long-lasting results with lacquered aluminium
  • Very simple to install and easy to handle
  • No special maintenance required
  • Adjustable to suit your dimensions

Misez sur la tendance

Create your own customised, modern fence

Adaptée à votre maison

Un produit ajustable à vos dimensions

  • Suitable for all types of ground, sloping, flat or undulating
  • 1 single post for all configurations. (Start, end, intermediate and corners)
  • Fast assembly without drilling or screws
  • Easily interchangeable openwork fence parts
  • Wind resistance: in accordance with fencemakers' specifications, ALULAM fencing has been designed and tested to comply with a class C product category, or winds of 145 Km/h

Sous tous les angles

Variez votre design !

5 cutting models

Un assemblage si facile

Alulam aluminum fence installation

Une installation en 3 étapes:

  1. Les poteaux sont installés à l'aide d'un gabarit.
  2. Les lames sont glissés entre les poteaux.
  3. Les parcloses et embouts sont ajoutés pour une finition impeccable !

Download installation manual
Alulam [1795]

Download installation manual
Alulam [945]